Sienci Labs Business Directory Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions

Throughout this policy the words “we”, “us” and “our”, or “Sienci Labs” will be used to refer to Sienci Labs Inc. By using our website and services, you voluntarily agree to our privacy policy and terms and conditions.

Our company aims to protect your privacy, and use information about you to provide the best experience through our website, communications, and products.


Information that we collect

By using our website, you give us access to data and personal information in the form of:

  • Names
  • Addresses
  • Emails
  • Phone numbers
  • Messages or comments
  • Website usage patterns and behaviors

How we use your information

We collect your data to help us:

  • List your business on our website
  • Improve our services
  • Improve our marketing

We do not sell your personal information. We do not share your personal information to third parties unless they provide us with services to help us accomplish what is listed above, such as:

  • When a user requests information about your business through our Business Directory
  • A user is attempting to contact you for business or personal reasons


We collect some data automatically through the use of cookies and other web analytics tools. This information may be used for:

  • Measuring how often you use our website and services
  • Understanding user behaviours
  • Understanding our user demographics

Email communications

If you share your email address with us, we may use it to communicate with you. These communications may include:

  • Providing updates on your listings and website
  • Connecting you with other people who want to contact you
  • Asking for feedback or other relevant information

Your rights

If we collect your information, you have the right to:

  • Ask what type of data we have collected about you
  • Ask for access to your data
  • Have your personal information updated or deleted

Terms and Conditions

Purpose of the Business Directory

This Business Directory is designed to help connect users of our products, such as the Mill One and LongMill CNC machines with members of the community. Our intent of the Business Directory is to help promote our user’s businesses and enterprises.

By agreeing to our terms and conditions you agree to follow the policies listed on this page.

Allowed Listings

To be eligible to list your business, you must:

  • Own and use our products in your business
  • Offer products and services created or in part related to our CNC machines

Prohibited Content

You may not post content in this list:

  • Copyrighted material you do not have rights to
  • Hate, offensive, or obscene material
  • Illegal products and services
  • Adult or explicit material

Our Rights

We have the right to:

  • Change or delete content or listings on this site
  • Contact users that list their businesses to this site
  • Promote you and your business
  • Terminate your access to this site without notice

Limitations of Liability

By using our website, you agree to not hold us responsible for loss or damages that may arise from the use of our website or in any connection to us. We do not guarantee the accuracy or completeness of the information and content posted on this website. You will indemnify Sienci Labs Inc., its employees and directors, and our affiliates against all loss, damage, or expenses in regards to the use of our website as well as the data and information we provide.

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